How to remember your dream

Many of my clients keep a journal of their dreams. They keep track of the date and details. This way when they contact me for an appointment to interpret their dream, they have all the information with them. Also, they can keep track of how this particular dream fit's into that specific chapter of their life.

What if....

  1. I don't dream at all.  What can I do to make myself dream?

  2. I have a situation in my life that I'd like an answer for.  How would I bring on a dream?

  3. Here are some suggestions you can do to bring
     on dreams or to help you remember them.

    1. Try self hypnosis.  This is done once you get into bed.  Close your eyes, clear your mind and recite, "I will remember my dream when I wake up."  Repeat this over and over.

    2. Dream oil.  Use this on pillow to induce sleep and prophetic dreams or visions.

    3. Lavender.  Use for calming and peace.  Try burning a lavender candle before bed to let the aroma fill the air or sprinkle some lavender oil on pillow or in bath water to relax you for bed.

    4. Midnight oil.  Sprinkle on pillow to help produce prophetic dreams.

    5. Mimosa oil.  Anoint the body before going to bed to bring dreams and reveal upcoming events.

    6. Rose.  You may use rose oil or light a rose scented candle, sniff some rose potpourri or use rose room spray for drawing calmness and peace before bed.

    7. Vision oil.  Apply to the forehead and temples before going to bed to bring prophetic dreams.  (This is a favorite amongst spiritualists).

    8. Tranquility oil.  This is a good calming, soothing and peaceful oil.  Use in bath or dab on body.  You may also burn this scented candle.

    9. Chamomile.  You may burn the scented candle, drink a warm cup of this tea, or use the oil to induce sleep.

    10. Celery.  Stuff a small bag with celery seed and place under pillow or in pillow case to bring on restful sleep.

    11. Marjoram.  You may sniff this oil or herb to induce restful sleep.  This is also used to help your emotional state in cases such as grief, for example, the passing of a loved one.
      ~ caution ~ Over inhalation of this scent can put you out like a like light.

    12. Herkimer.  This is a quartz resembling a diamond.  It can be placed under the pillow to increase relaxation and stimulate clairvoyance.

    13. Jade.  Place this stone under your pillow to help you recall your dreams.  This is known as the 'dreamers stone'.

    14. Kyanite.  This stone brings calmness and tranquility.  This will balance the chakras of the body and it, too, is a wonderful stone for dreaming.

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