Do you believe in dreams?  If not, why?

I have touched on this subject a few times in the past. Do people dream? Do they remember dreaming? Why do some people think that they donít dream? Why do some believe that dreams are just fluff? Can we really learn from our dreams?

Actually, dreams/nightmares are really important. It can tell you how to deal with and all about a problem you will face and how to overcome that problem. But only if you listen and pay attention. These are the ways in which your own higher guidance or Ďspirití communicates with you through the dream realm. Some people believe that you are communicating with God, himself, through the messages of dreams or His angels, which are also considered your angels. God also has many names, Buddha, Allah, etc. No matter who you believe in and what you call Him, remember we are all in his hands and he does communicate with us. In my other articles, I have touched on the different parts of dreaming. Just in case, Iíll explain it again, there is the beginning, which can give you the time, place and people involved. There is the presentation, which is basically the appearance of the dreams problem coming to light. Then, there is the climax. This is where the transformation has taken place and the situation or catastrophe is unveiled. And, finally, there is the conclusion or the closing phase of the dream. Are you starting to understand what Iím talking about?

I do have some customers who do believe in power of dreams and the interpretation of them. For some, they wake up and jot it down. For others, in order for them to get the full benefit, they find it helpful to keep a dream journal. Either way, it all works out. However, the longer we wait to write down our dreams, the more apt we are to omit details or just forget about them altogether. Even if you just write down a few key details, it helps to trigger the memory at a later time when you are writing or typing them out to have interpreted. I keep a journal for dreams so I can refer back to it and if I donít understand the lesson, I will at a later time when I am presented with the situation. This way, I am able to keep using the lesson and knowledge throughout my lifetime. Another way to look at the dream journal is that by keeping one, we are sending a message to God that we hear Him and that we take what He says seriously. Many people actively ask God to speak to them through dreams. For those of you who do not believe in the power of dreams, then the information may not generally be volunteered to you. It may or it may not - it all depends on you and your open mindedness to it. Itís there for the taking, but if you do not heed it, then it may disappear until you ask for it.

The details of a dream are important, no matter how minute and small you think it is because it would not be put in the dream if it wasnít significant in one form or another. If we donít pay attention to these small details, weíll miss the valuable information and messages to be received. Dreams are like a puzzle and the pieces need to be put together in order to solve the mind mystery and understand and unlock the message that is meant for us. Dreams don't always mean what you think they do. Dream meanings are not the same as waking meanings. For example, if you die in a dream, it is not foretelling that you or someone will depart this earthly realm. Or if your teeth are falling out, it doesn't signify that you have a periodontal problem. The same holds true for dreaming that you are at an AA or NA meeting-it doesn't mean that you will suffer the effects of being addicted to drugs or alcohol. I have studied dream interpretation for over a decade and have much professional experience with the subject and giving guidance. I canít stress the point enough that you should be careful and not assume that you know the interpretation of the dream through your own personal and natural way of thinking. By trying to do that, you run a risk of having a marred and unclear version of what God wants to speak to you about, especially if you end up taking the details of your dream literally, and using your natural and personal way of thinking to figure it out. Instead, you must consider trying to understand their symbolic nature. Because dreams are usually symbolic, what they look like on the surface is often not at all really what they are about or what the point trying to get across is.

Drawing the interpretation of our dreams solely from dream books is another mistake to be avoided. Dream books can be useful and do have an advantage, however, your dreams are highly personal, and meanings of details and purpose in them are often tailored fit to you specifically. Dream books list what certain items have meant commonly to many people, or may fall in a category but it does not necessarily follow that an object must mean this or that or even what the dream book says it represents.

If and when you are ready for some insight, please donít hesitate to check me out. This is one of my unique gifts. I have much experience with this wisdom and guidance.  Remember, we are all in God's, Allah, Buddha's hands. Brightest blessings!

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